Banner Engineering QS18VP6DQ8 World-Beam® QS18 Photoelectric Sensor, Rectangular Shape, 450 mm Sensing, Infrared Sensing Beam

Photoelectric Diffuse Mode Sensors
168439 MFG #: QS18VP6DQ8
83.49000 / ea
The QS18 line offers the broadest selection of sensors to suit many sensing application needs. With a standardized style, the QS18 is ideal for global manufacturing.
  • Features
Easily fits (or retrofits) almost any mounting situation
Exceptional optical performance, comparable to larger MINI-style or barrel sensors
Bright LED operating status indicators are visible from 360 deg
Rugged sealed housing, protected circuitry
Meets IP67 and NEMA 6 standards for use in harsh environments
Less than 1 msond output response for excellent sensing repeatability
Potentiometer adjustments
Protected against reverse polarity and transient voltages
Protected against false pulse on power-up and continuous overload or short circuit of outputs
All-purpose sensor solves widest variety of sensing applications
Universal housing for global use
Self-contained miniature diffused mode photoelectric sensor
Less than 50 uA at 30 VDC off-state output leakage, less than 25 mA
0.6 ms on/off response time
940 nm infrared LED sensing beam
Acrylic lens, 95 percent at 50 deg C (non-condensing) relative humidity
4-pin integral euro-style quick disconnect connection
ABS thermoplastic enclosure
Light/dark operate
18 mm barrel diameter, Self-Contained