Banner Engineering MQDC-406 Euro Style Unshielded Quick Disconnect Cable, 250 VAC/VDC, (4) 22 AWG High Flexible Stranded Conductors, 2 m L

Instrumentation Cable - Quick Disconnect
47418 MFG #: MQDC-406
24.00000 / ea
Banner Engineering Quick Disconnect Cable
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For Q12, M12, QS18, Q20, OMNI-BEAM (QDH Suffix), Q45 DC Sensors (Q5 Suffix), MINI-BEAM DC SM312 Sensors, S18, M18, T18, Q25, S30, T30, Q40, TM18/TM18 Expert, QM42/QMT42, QL50/QL51, SLM, R58A, T18U, T30UX, TL50/TL30F, K50, K80 deg C, PVA, VTB , STB With Solid-State Relay, EZ-LIGHT, WL50 and WLS28
Polyurethane connector, nickel plated brass coupling nut construction
Gold plated contact conductor
Black body, brown, white, blue and black wire pin
Black body, brown, white, blue and black wire-pin, gold-plated contacts