Banner Engineering D12SP6FPQ D12 High Speed Fiber Optic Sensor, Rectangle Shape, Visible Red Sensing Beam, 0.5 ms Response Time

Fiber Optic Block Style Sensors
137993 MFG #: D12SP6FPQ
240.83000 / ea
Banner Engineering Fiber Optic Sensor, High Speed, Series: D12, Rectangle, Visible Red Sensing Beam, 0.5 ms Response, PNP Output, 10 to 30 VDC, 45 mA, Pigtail Quick Disconnect, LED Light Source, 64 mm L x 12 mm W x 35.5 mm H, NEMA 2/IP11, -20 to 70 deg C Operating, DIN Rail Mount, Environmental Conditions: 90% at 50 deg C
  • Features
LED indicators for power On and N.O Output Conducting; Protected against reverse polarity and inductive load transients; Black (Cycolac® KJB) construction with acrylic cover
35 mm DIN rail high power fiber optic sensors
Less than 10 uA at 30 VDC off-state leakage current
0.5 ms on/off response time
680 nm visible red LED sensing beam
Acrylic lens cover, 90 deg at 50 deg C (non-condensing) relative humidity
6 in pigtail with 4-pin pico-style quick disconnect connection
0.13 ms repeatability
Less than 1 V at 10 mA DC and less than 1.5 V at 150 mA DC on-state saturation voltage
150 mA maximum (continuous) load
Light/dark operate, complementary PNP control output
Black ABS (Cycolac KJB) housing
False pulse protection circuit causes a 0.1 sec delay on power-up
Plastic fiber
15-turn slotted brass screw, clutched at both ends of adjustment
Two top-mounted LED indicators, green LED lights for DC power On, yellow LED lights for normally open output conducting, seven segment red LED moving-dot bargraph indicates received signal strength, output overload, and marginal excess gain, flashing led corresponds to the "on" state of the alarm
Protected against reverse polarity and inductive load transients