BANNER Q4XTBLAF300-Q8 Laser Distance Sensor: Q4X Series

Photoelectric Distance Sensors
852097 MFG #: Q4XTBLAF300-Q8
403.69000 / ea
Q4X Series: Laser Adjustable Field Range: 300 mm; Input 10-30 V dc Outputs: Bipolar: 1 NPN; 1 PNP Connection: Euro M12 5-Pin Integral Connector
  • Features
-25 to 75 deg C storage temperature
10 ms warm-up time
655 nm visible red sensing beam
Acrylic window
Rectangular with m18 mount housing style
Stainless steel primary housing material
18 mm barrel diameter
Remote teach type push button adjustment
Protected against reverse polarity and transient overvoltage's
Euro M12 5-pin integral connector connection
95% at 55 deg C non-condensing relative humidity