B-Line BCH64 Open/Closed Cable Hook, 4 in, 30 lb Load, Steel

Support Hooks & Accessories
58503 MFG #: BCH64
1237.55000 / ea
B-Line has long been a leading manufacturer of support systems and electrical enclosures for the mechanical, electrical and telecommunications industries. Our Spring steel fastener line includes a wide range of quality fastening systems for electrical, mechanical and telecommunication applications. Our Spring steel fasteners include products for attachment to metal studs, steel beams, acoustical tee, drywall, purlins and channel.
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Commercial / Institutional Buildings / Structures - Commercial / Institutional Buildings / Structures - OtherDatacenters - IT Space: Enterprise / Server Room / Network ClosetCommercial / Institutional Buildings / Structures - Commercial/Inst Bldg Strctures - AftermarketCommercial / Institutional Buildings / Structures - Lighting and Lighting Controls
Hook Size 4 in
Capacity up to (300) 4 pair UTP Cat 5e or 2-strand fiber optic cable or (185)CAT6 or 98 CAT6A
Supports category 5/5e/6/6A fiber optic, inner duct and low voltage cabling requirements
Cable retainer clips are included with hooks
Static load