Arlington FBX900 Fan/Fixture Ceiling Box With Bracket, Plastic, 14.5 cu-in

Ceiling Boxes
248245 MFG #: FBX900
14493.60000 / ea
Arlington new FBX900 fan and fixture box provides a perfectly centered installation between two rafters - even if the desired mounting point is not in the center of the rafters.
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Fan and Fixture
Adjustable mounting brackets
No loose parts to misplace-totally self-contained
Allows fans/fixtures to be perfectly centered within room
Large, 8 in square mounting surface handles newer fans with larger canopies
Expandable brackets hold box securely between joists no need to cut and nail 2x4s to center the fan or fixture
Installs quickly and securely
Includes a template to level and position brackets between rafters
Taller sides fit cathedral ceilings with angles greater than 80 deg
Fan fixture installation screws are parked ready for easy fan fixture bracket installation
Paintable, textured finish
Adjustable brackets