Arlington 8416 Cable Connector, 2-1/2 in Trade, 2-1/2 in Knockout, 2.1 to 2.7 in Cable Openings, Die Cast Zinc

Armored/Metal Clad Cable Connectors
1172709 MFG #: 8416
5284.12000 / ea
Save time and mone Arlington's new, low cost MC cable fittings in a variety of sizes, are super-convenient and cost-effective. Each fitting has a built-in end stop, but also comes with additional end stop bushings that accommodate different size cable bundles. ONE trade size fits several cable sizes.
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2.7IN OD Cable, 2.4IN OD Wire Bundle
Low cost - saves time and money!
Fast and easy installation
Die cast zinc fittings cost much less than steel or malleable iron fitting
Reduces inventory comes with additional end stop bushings!
Built-in end stop in fitting
Concrete tight when taped
Concrete-tight when taped
Patented design
Single cable opening
1.95 - 2.4 in wire bumble outer diameter
500-3, 500-4, 600-3, 600-4, 750-3 AWG/KCMIL conductor size
MCI/MCI-A, MC/HCF/AC/HCF Steel and Aluminum, AC90, TECK90 cable
Clamp, 4-Screw connection