Appleton® XJ350-8 XJ Series Expansion Coupling, 3-1/2 in, For Use With Rigid Metal Conduit, Malleable Iron

Conduit Expansion-Deflection Couplings
303476 MFG #: XJ3508
714.25000 / ea
Appleton XJ series expansion couplings provide for movement that takes place on long runs of conduit installed in buildings of great length and between divisions of buildings that are sectioned apart by structural expansion joints.
  • Features
Couplings have the equivalent of weather-tight joints for use with heavy wall conduit
Metallic packing ring to insure the entire conduit system remains a continuous electrical conductor
Copper bonding jumpers are available to provide additional effective metallic bond to each conduit run
XJ expansion couplings have been listed by UL for use with bonding jumpers in indoor and outdoor locations
8 in expansion coupling movement