Appleton® WSR33542 Non-Fused Interlocked Receptacle/Enclosed Disconnect Switch, 600 VAC, 30 A, 4 Poles, 3 Wires

Locking Receptacles with Disconnect
681124 MFG #: WSR33542
3860.43000 / ea
Appleton® Interlocked Receptacle/Enclosed Disconnect Switch, Non-Fused, 600 VAC, 30 A, 30 hp, 50/60 Hz, 4 Pole, 3 Wires, NEMA 3/3R/4/4X/12, 1 or 2NO/NC, Aluminum, 24.33 in H x 11.56 in W x 11 in THK
  • Features
For use where an interlocked disconnect switch is desired to control a Powertite® receptacle and insertion or removal of plug
Spring door standard and screw cap provided at no additional cost to meet NEMA 3, 3R, 4, 4X applications
Insulated, dual-color polymer operating handle clearly indicates the switch being energized
Ergonomically designed handle is made of high impact polymer material for exceptional ruggedness, durability and corrosion resistance
Utilizes style 2 (shell and extra pole) grounding and 3-wire, 4-pole receptacle wiring
Removable hinged cover allows for ease of installation and maintenance
Class R fusing standard on WSRD fusible units and J type on WSR. product can be retrofitted with class J, K, or S fusing
Unit is equipped with defeatable door interlock which allows emergency access when switch is energized
Cover can be padlocked closed
Operating handle can be locked in the off or on position
Dead front design receptacle is not energized until plug is fully inserted and switch is engaged
Removable hinge padlockable cover
1-1/2 in hub, grounding style 2, shell extra pole, 14 to 2 AWG wire
Copper free aluminum with epoxy powder coated material
ACP3034BC mating plug
Interlock prohibits plug insertion or removal under load
Plug is secured in place by interlock and cannot be withdrawn unless interlock release lever is actuated