Appleton® TWCC-38-50 TWCC38-50 Conduit Combination Coupling, 1/2 in, For Use With EMT to Flexible Metal Conduit, Malleable Iron

Conduit Combination Couplings
17999 MFG #: TWCC3850
4.39000 / ea
Electrical products that work flawlessly under the harshest conditions go unnoticed everyday. The Appleton brand has long been the hallmark for the protection of people and equipment while delivering reliable power. Count on certified protection for any environment, from ordinary commercial settings to harsh industrial conditions, in any region of the world. Our fittings lighting, and power distribution solutions are designed to operate without incident: because failure is not an option.
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For EMT To Flexible Metal Conduit
Compact design
No locknut required on the two piece connectors
Quick installations
Compression connection