Appleton® STNM-9038 Insulated Throat Liquidtight Conduit Connector, 3/8 in Trade, 90 deg, Steel

Liquidtight Conduit Connectors
84381 MFG #: STNM9038
32.12000 / ea
For providing safe electrical service in areas exposed to weather, water, oil, dirt and other contaminants, we offer a full line of connectors, hubs and accessories for use with liquidtight flexible metal conduit. Aluminum, steel, zinc and nonmetallic connectors are available, with a variety of options including straight, 45 deg and 90 deg angle fittings with or without insulated throats, external grounding lugs and stainless steel wire mesh strain relief.
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For Connecting To Type A Flexible Nonmetallic Conduit
Eliminates common connection problems and assures a liquidtight seal against oil, water, dirt and chemicals
The positive, pull-out proof seal formed by a STNM connector begins with its deep-threaded ferrule that bites into the inner wall of the conduit
Sleeve separates the STNM series apart from ordinary connectors
Flared sleeve extends beyond the nut, providing additional protection from flexing
Ease of assembly and disassembly permits make-up of harnesses in advance for fast, simple connections during production line assemblies
The sleeve is held captive within a compression nut that allows it to move freely and self-align with the conduit having a slightly irregular surface or varying wall thickness
The nut rides only on the sleeve and not on the conduit, it cannot bend or twist the conduit and thereby protects wiring, when fully tightened, the fl ared sleeve extends beyond the nut, providing additional protection from flexing
0.59 in L thread
STNM connectors with exclusive floating sleeve reduces installation time when connecting to Type A nonmetallic flexible conduit