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Provides access to the interior of the raceway for wire pulling , splicing and maintenance, Allows connection of straight and branch conduit runs and 90 degree bends
1/2 IN Trade Size, Type LC Aluminum Conduit Furnished With Threads and Set Screws, Volume 4.30 in, Furnished with Stamped Aluminum Cover and Neoprene Gasket
Lightweight aluminum facilitates shipping, handling and installing
Diecast copper-free (4/10 of 1% max)
Allows connection of straight conduit runs, branch conduit runs and 90 deg bends
1/2 in thru 2 in sizes have threaded and set-screw hubs
Packaged complete under one catalog number
Ready to use
Stamped aluminum/natural finish cover, neoprene gasket
Die-Cast Copper Free Aluminum