Appleton® N1D75-15B Intraground® N1 Explosionproof Enclosed Circuit Breaker, 120/240 VAC, 15 A, 1 Pole, Thermal Trip

Explosion Proof Circuit Breakers
451658 MFG #: N1D75-15B
967.61000 / ea
Appleton explosionproof, non-factory sealed Intraground N1 Series circuit breakers and enclosures provide short circuit protection and a safe disconnect means in a non-metallic design. They provide thermal time delay overload protection for branch circuits for lighting, appliance and motor circuits. The Intraground N1 Series is ideal for use in corrosive atmospheres, they are suitable for use in Class I, Division 1 atmospheres when properly installed with sealing fittings at all conduit entries.
  • Features
Constructional feature explosion proof, dust-Ignition proof
Furnished with lead wires for ease of connection
Handle may be locked in On or Off position
Metal imbedded grounding grid - no need to install special wires and parts for grounding
Labyrinth-path construction ensures flame-tight construction
Close-tolerance threaded stainless steel shaft meets explosionproof requirements
Silicone gasket, specially designed for the labyrinth-path joint, prevents entrance of moisture without interfering with the venting of cooled hazardous gases and vapors
Superior resistance to impact, crushing, ultraviolet light, water, fungi and mold
Furnished with a 3/4 in to 1/2 in NPT reducer
30% glass-reinforced thermoplastic polyetherimide body and cover, 6/6 nylon handle, Teflon coated stainless steel cover bolts, Mylar coated aluminum nameplate
Dead end hub location
1/2 in or 3/4 in hub