Appleton® Mogul Unilet® BKGL125-M Type LB NEC 6X Conduit Body Cover, 1-1/4 in Hub, Malleable Iron, Tri-Coated

Conduit Fitting Body Covers
734486 MFG #: BKGL125M
106.89000 / ea
Appleton® Mogul Unilet® Conduit Body Cover, Type LB NEC 6X, 1-1/4 in Hub, For Use With: NEC 6x8x Series IMC/Rigid Mogul Conduit, Malleable Iron, Tri-Coated
  • Features
Stainless steel cover screws, neoprene gaskets
Covers have captive stainless steel screws to speed installation, prevent freezing of screws
Triple coat of zinc electroplate, chromate and epoxy powder coated finish