Appleton® Mercmaster™ Jr MBL70-120 Enclosed Gasketed Ballast Body, Mogul High Pressure Sodium Lamp, 70 W Lamp, 120 VAC

Ballast Bodies
226114 MFG #: MBL70120
1039.49000 / ea
The Mercmaster III™ modular construction allows it to fit a vast range of applications and is suitable for Class I, Division 2/Zone 2; Class II, Division 1 and 2; Class II and other robust environments. Designed to dissipate heat from the ballast components out, Appleton® thermal performance with the Mercmaster III leads the industry. Appleton® heat reducing internal control design results in 18% cooler operation, which increases fi xture durability and enables the Mercmaster III to be used in ambient temperatures up to 65 deg C (149 deg F).
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For Use With Mounting Hoods Or Any V-51 Series Mounting Hood And With Refractor Or Globe
Wireless design - threading the fixture unit onto the mounting hood makes the electrical connection; The only wiring required is attaching two wires to the connection block in the mounting hood; Safe, easy servicing without disconnecting any wiring; Standard pendant mounting hood for rigid or flexible mounting; balanced round design automatically hangs plumb when used with flexible hanger; Unitized construction reduces installation and maintenance costs; Ballast has standard non-PCB biodegradable capacitors; Porcelain socket ensures trouble free operation in high ambient installations; For use in hazardous locations, enclosed and gasketed HID lighting fixtures for use in tunnels, walkways, bridges, storage facilities, processing plants, parking lots, foundries, manufacturing plants, power plants and other locations subject to moisture, dirt, dust or corrosive atmospheres; 90 PCT minimum power factor
Lamp not included
Requires (1) 70 W S62 Medium high pressure Sodium
Wireless design. Threading of fixture unit onto mounting hood makes electrical connection
Safe, easy servicing without disconnecting any wiring
Quick, easy conversion from Appleton V-51® incandescent installation to Mercmaster Jr. HID. Just remove V-51® fixture unit and thread Mercmaster Jr. fixture unit onto existing V-51® mounting hood
Guard, mounting hood or reflector are not included