Locking Receptacles with Disconnect
524098 MFG #: MD2SR3023U
4399.14000 / ea
Interlocked Receptacle and Disconnect Switch, Type Dead Front Interlocked, Constructional Feature Corrosion Resistant, Voltage Rating 240 VAC, Current Rating 30 Ampere, Number of Poles 3, Number of Wires 2, Door Type Removable Hinged, Padlockable Cover, Fuse Provision Non-Fusible, Hub Type 1-1/2 Inch, Grounding Style 2, Shell, Extra Pole, Material Epoxy Powder Coated Copper-Free Aluminum (Enclosure), Stainless Steel (Hardware), Enclosure Class I Div 2 Groups B C D, Class II Div 1 and 2 Group F G, Class III, Class I Zone 2 Group IIC, NEMA 3/3R/4/4X/9FG/12, Wire Size 8 to 4/0 AWG, Power Rating 3 Hp at 240 VAC, Approval UL 894/1203/1604/1682/1686, Application Lighting System, Conveyor, Heater, Motor Generator Set, Air Conditioner, Compressor, Pump
  • Features
Factory sealed no external seals required
UL listed for use with Appleton® ACP plugs
UL Classified for use with competitors like plugs
Positive polarization only plugs of the same style, number of poles and amperage rating may be used with these receptacles
Plug must be inserted into the receptacle before the switch can be turned on
Plug cannot be withdrawn unless the switch is in the off position
Cover bolts are stainless steel and captive
Insulated, dual-color polymer operating handle clearly indicates the switch being energized
Style 2 (shell and extra pole) grounding
Removable hinged cover allows for ease of installation and maintenance
Short circuit withstand rated to 200,000 RMS symmetrical amperes (class J fusing)
Conduit entry is drilled and tapped to 1-1/2 in reducer bushings 1-1/2 to 1-1/4 in and 1-1/2 to 1 in provided at no additional cost
Stainless steel key-hole mounting feet for easy installation
Accommodates #8 to #4/0 AWG copper wire
Unit is equipped with defeatable door interlock which allows emergency access when switch is energized
Cover can be padlocked closed
Operating handle can be locked in the OFF position with provision to lock in the ON position
Ergonomically designed handle is made of high-impact polymer material for exceptional ruggedness, durability and corrosion resistance