Appleton® L-300 NEER™ Standard Conduit Locknut, 1 in, For Use With IMC/Rigid Conduit Fittings, Steel, Zinc Plated

Conduit Locknuts
16883 MFG #: L-300
0.39000 / ea
We offer a complete selection of steel, malleable iron and zinc fittings for rigid conduit and IMC. threaded and threadless, insulated or uninsulated non-insulated, watertight or general purpose, our conduit fittings, straps and accessories are available in all the sizes and configurations required to connect and support rigid conduit and to bond it to virtually any type of junction box or enclosure.
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For securing threaded conduit or connectors with tapered or straight thread to a knockout or unthreaded slip hole.
Single cast thread eliminates cross-threading
UL Listed as a fittings locknut and stand alone rigid conduit locknut
All locknuts are symmetrical and can be assembled from either side
Conical flange on either side enters the knockout creating a 360 deg ground path
NPSL thread
Right hand thread direction
1 - 11.5 thread