Appleton® HUB-400B Straight Conduit Hub With Bonding Screw, 4 in, For use with IMC/Rigid Conduit, Malleable Iron, Tri-Coated

Conduit Hubs
361177 MFG #: HUB400B
193.73000 / ea
We offer a complete selection of steel, malleable iron and zinc fittings for rigid conduit and IMC. threaded and threadless, insulated or uninsulated non-insulated, watertight or general purpose, our conduit fittings, straps and accessories are available in all the sizes and configurations required to connect and support rigid conduit and to bond it to virtually any type of junction box or enclosure.
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For Use To Connect Rigid Metal Conduit Or IMC To A Threadless Opening In An Enclosure
Provides threaded termination in sheet metal enclosures; Suitable for service entrance; General purpose fitting; Bonding locknut; Insulated throat; Recessed neoprene O-ring to assure water and dust-tight connections; Wedge: Malleable iron, zinc electroplated, chromate, epoxy powdercoated; Locknut: Zinc electroplated steel; Screw: Zinc electroplated steel; O-ring: Neoprene; Liners: Nylon
Appleton™s Uni-Seal rigid conduit hubs eliminate the need for welded hubs
Efficiency of installation is built into the superior design, single wrench installation
Patented hex-hub wedge adapter fits nearly flush against the interior side walls of enclosures; provides maximum wiring room
Simple two piece construction
Protective insulated throats, positive grounding and watertight sealing action
Flame resistant insulated throat eliminates need for end bushings
Locking edge of body bites into enclosure wall, makes hub self-locking, eliminates the need for locknuts, provides continuous 360 deg pressure on both sides of enclosure wall, forms positive grounding and vibration resistant connection
Built-in recessed gasket
Bonding locknut
Insulated throat
Recessed neoprene o-ring to assure water and dust tight connections
Steel, zinc electroplate locknut, screw
Malleable iron, zinc electroplate, chromate, epoxy powder coat wedge
Nylon liners
Triple-Coat (zinc Electroplated, chromate and epoxy powder coated)