Appleton® GRUT100 Unilets™ GRU T-Style Explosionproof Conduit Outlet Box, 1 in, 3-1/4 in Cover Opening, 19 cu-in, Tri-Coated

Explosion Proof Conduit Outlet Boxes
464295 MFG #: GRUT100
181.81000 / ea
Appleton Group™s explosionproof conduit outlet boxes for NEC and CEC governed locations feature generous interior space, accurately tapped and tapered hub threads for a rigid joint and reliable ground continuity, and smooth integral bushings to protect conductor insulation from damage. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, materials and hub configurations, all designed for ease of installation and reliable safety in locations exposed to explosive atmospheres or flammable dusts.
  • Features
Malleable iron bodies have high tensile strength and ductility, provides great resistance to corrosion, impact and shock
Accurately tapped, tapered hub threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity
General purpose wiring
Union hubs permit easy wiring
Smooth, rounded integral bushing in hub box protects conductor insulation
Complies with a wide range of classified area requirements
For pulling of wires
Connect conduit lengths and change direction of conduit runs
Provide access for maintenance
Zinc electro plated, chromate and epoxy powder coated
3 outlet, (3) 1 in hub cable entry
3 side hub
Triple Coat (Zinc electro plated Chromate and Epoxy Powder Coated)