Appleton® GK50-N Form 35™ GK50N Conduit Outlet Body With Stainless Steel Fastening Screws, 1/2 in, Neoprene

Rubber Gaskets
17445 MFG #: GK50-N
1.85000 / ea
Appleton® Form 35™ Conduit Outlet Body, 1/2 in, For Use With: Conduit Outlet Body Cover, Neoprene
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To serve as pulling fittings, make bends in conduit system, provide openings for splicing, connect and change direction of conduit runs, allow connections for branch runs, permit access to conductors for maintenance
Tear out inner section to convert to open type gasket
High tensile strength and ductility, high corrosion-resistance, high impact and shock-resistance
Types C and lb in sizes 1-1/4 through 4 in feature exclusive built-in easy pulling rollers to facilitate cable pulling through hubs and help eliminate cable damage
Sizes with flat-back design ideal where fitting is mounted flat against surface
Neoprene. Tear out inner section to convert to "open" type gasket.