Appleton® ELBY50A UNILETS™ ELBY Capped Elbow, 1/2 in Trade, 90 deg, Aluminum, Epoxy Powder Coated

Explosion Proof Conduit Elbows
84896 MFG #: ELBY50A
38.65000 / ea
Appleton Group supplies conduit outlet boxes, pulling elbows and fittings to meet a wide range of classified location requirements. Most are available in a choice of triple coated malleable iron or epoxy powder-coated aluminum, providing exceptional durability and corrosion-resistance. We offer fittings with hub sizes from 1/2" through 4", with designs that facilitate pulling of even heavy, difficult to bend conductors.
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For Use With Metal Conduit
Serves as pulling fitting; Makes 90 DEG bend in conduit runs; Permits easy access to pulling conductors; Easily removable covers; Explosion-proof, dust-ignition-proof
Serves as pulling fitting
Makes 90 deg bend in conduit runs
Built in rollers to facilitate cable pulling
Permits easy access to pulling conductors
Screw on cover for ease of installation and removal
Cover opens on an angle permitting conductors to be pulled straight through either hub
Can make 90 deg turns in conduit where a compact turn is desired
Female tapered threaded hubs (NPT) for rigid conduit and IMC
Class 1, Division 1 And 2, Groups C, D; Class II, Division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G Class III