Appleton® EFDC275A-NL-Q EFD 2-Gang Feed Thru Mounting Body, For Use With EFD/EFDB and EDS Series Factory Sealed Control Stations

Control Station Boxes
240364 MFG #: EFDC275ANLQ
176.54000 / ea
The EDS series is ideal for manual starting of small AC or DC motors in hazardous locations exposed to flammable vapors, gases or combustible dust. Any arcing is contained within the enclosure to prevent ignition of surrounding atmospheres.
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For U-Line 20 AMP Receptacles, EDS Series Factory Sealed Manual Motor Starters, CPS 20 AMP Receptacles, EFD/EFDB and EDS Series Control Stations
Furnished with Internal Ground Screw; EFD/EFDB and EDS factory sealed control stations confine arcing of device within the enclosure, preventing ignition of ignitable atmospheres during control operation of motors and other equipment; Used in classified areas where flammable vapors, gases or highly combustible dusts are present; For installation in chemical and petrochemical plants, refineries and other process industries
Malleable iron or optional copperfree aluminum body, copperfree aluminum cover and sealing chamber, nylon handle
Supplied with or without starter switch
Includes cover and a choice of dead-end or feed-thru hub arrangements
Handle can be padlocked in ON/OFF position
Interchangeable heater units
Configurations and options to meet any plant installation requirement
Explosionproof for use in classified areas where hazardous materials are handled or stored
Enclosures may be used to house a variety of electrical wiring devices
Explosionproof and dust-Ignitionproof
3/4 in hub
Feed thru connection