Appleton® EDSF12 Front Cover, Malleable Iron

Switch / Outlet Box Covers
249939 MFG #: EDSF12
115.49000 / ea
Appleton® Front Cover, Malleable Iron
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For Factory Sealed Front Operated Tumbler Switches
Enclosures have external mounting lugs for ease of mounting; Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation; Enclosures furnished with internal ground screw; Smooth ground mating surfaces assure flame-tight joint between cover and mounting enclosure; Stainless steel hex head cap screws for attaching cover to mounting enclosure; Enclosures furnished with internal ground screw; Designed to prevent arcing of enclosed switches in ignitable atmospheres during connect and disconnect operation of lighting and light power loads; For use in classified areas where ignitable vapors, gases or highly combustible dusts are present; For installation in chemical plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, other process industries