Appleton® DBR1034DS DBR Dust Ignitionproof Explosionproof Receptacle With Disconnect Switch, 600 VAC, 100 A, 4 Poles, 3 Wires

Explosion Proof Receptacle W/Disconnect
953880 MFG #: DBR1034DS
6169.40000 / ea
Appleton® Explosionproof Receptacle, Dust Ignitionproof, Series: DBR, 600 VAC, 100 A, 75 hp, 4 Pole, 3 Wires, NEMA 3/3R/4/4X/9FG, Aluminum
  • Features
Energized receptacle contacts deeply recessed to reduce danger of accidental touching
Style 2 (shell and extra pole) grounding
Spring door keeps dust out of receptacle when plug is not in use screw cap also supplied
Brass contacts exert constant pressure along entire contact surface and provide superior electrical contact
Contacts have beryllium copper wire springs
Plug mechanical cable clamps prevent strain on cables they meet or exceed UL strain relief pull-out requirements
Neoprene bushing compressed by cable collar prevents entrance of water
Insulators provide superior dielectric and mechanical strength and lowest arc tracking
1-1/2 in NPT tapped conduit openings one top two bottom
Interlocked disconnect switch provides safe connect and 2 or 3-pole, non-fused motor circuit switch
Interlocked circuit-breaker provides interlocked connect and disconnect operation as well as short circuit and thermal time delay overload protection DBR permits safe operation in class II and III only
To operate, insert plug (which automatically locks into receptacle) and turn breaker handle to ON position to remove plug, turn handle to OFF position, lift plug release knob and pull plug out
ACP and CPH plug fits Powertite™ series hazardous location and DBR receptacles
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% maximum) aluminum receptacle and mounting box
Fiber glass reinforced polyester insulating blocks
Epoxy powder coat finish