Appleton® Contender® EDSK2J Pilot Light and Pushbutton Cover, Malleable Iron

Control Station Box Covers
336389 MFG #: EDSK2J
92.15000 / ea
Contender series factory sealed control stations are designed to confine any arcing within the enclosure to prevent ignition of the surrounding atmosphere, including group B gases (hydrogen). These control stations and pilot lights are fitted to work in settings that currently use competitor's back bodies and covers, allowing you to benefit from Appleton features and reliability without upgrading the entire electrical infrastructure. Specific combinations of Contender series control stations and competitor's bodies and covers are UL Listed.
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For Use With Contender Bodies
Covers are UL Listed when used on Contender bodies; Supplied with 4 stainless steel captive bolts; Corrosion resistant stainless steel hex head captive screws hold covers to body; Can accommodate two push buttons, two pilot lights or one of each
Epoxy powder coat for enhanced corrosion-resistance
Corrosion-resistant captive stainless steel hex head bolts hold cover to body
Two opening two push buttons, two pilot lights or one of each
3/4 in tapped openings