Appleton® CLP7075-MT Code Master 2 CL Series Factory Sealed Explosionproof HID Luminaire With Internal Ballast, 1 Lamp

Explosion Proof Outdoor Lighting
647256 MFG #: CLP7075MT
2617.73000 / ea
The explosionproof Code Master 2 HID fixture features our proprietary technology for maximum safety and reliability in class I and II locations. Internal components are uniquely arranged for the greatest heat dissipation, which enables extended lamp life and Industry-leading "T" ratings. Appleton's exclusive wireless mounting hood enables power on fixture installation and removal in hazardous locations. They are suitable for use in a wide range of hazardous areas where ignitable vapors, dust, moisture and corrosive elements are present, areas where access to relamp is difficult, reliability is essential, and environment is costly to maintain.
  • Features
Fixtures operate safely in high ambient temperatures
Arrangement of heat producing components results in more efficient heat dissipation for cooler fixture operation
Wireless design, threading of fixture unit onto mounting hood makes electrical connection, only wiring required is attaching two wires to connection block in mounting hood
Connection block is easily wired - loosen two screws, make wire connections and re-position connection block
Safe, easy servicing without disconnecting any wiring, wireless fixture unit easily threads off mounting hood for convenient servicing or for immediate replacement with a stand by unit
ACME double-lead threads speed installation and fixture removal from mounting hood only half as many turns are required as for single lead threads, the threads do not stick or gall, eliminating the troublesome problems often encountered with single lead threads during fixture unit removal
All threaded joints are flame-tight
Integrally ballasted HID lighting fixtures, separate ballasts not required
Strategic location of lamp socket, in combination with interior prism design of the glass globe, provides optimum light distribution and control
Superior corrosion resistance with epoxy powder coat finish
Porcelain socket with nickel plated phosphor bronze screw shell, assures long trouble-free operation in high ambient areas
Fiberglass reinforced polyester reflectors, in standard dome, deep dome or 30 deg angle, are ideal in installations where luminaire is subject to exceptionally severe corrosive atmospheres, the high bay aluminum reflector is indicated in installations where mounting height from work plane ranges from 20 feet/6 meters and higher
HPS is excellent where long lamp life is required and provides high lumens per watt and is less expensive to operate
Ballasts operate at low temperatures of -40 deg C
NEC class I, division 1 and 2, Groups C, D class II, division 1 and 2, Groups E, F, G class III, CEC class I, division 1 and 2, Groups B, C, D class I, zone 1 and 2; IIB, IIA class II, division 1, Groups E, F, G class II, division 2, Groups F, G class III
Sand cast copperfree (4/10 of 1% max) aluminum mounting hoods
One hub, rigid or flexible mounting
3/4 in threaded hub
60 to 85 deg C supply wire, 40 to 65 deg C ambient temperature
50 W through 150 W high pressure sodium ballasts are high reactance, high power factor type