Appleton® CG90-125125 Angled Strain Relief Cord Connector, 1-1/4 in Trade, 1-1/4 to 1-3/8 in Cable Openings, Aluminum

Liquid Tight Angle Cord Connectors
356270 MFG #: CG90125125
74.17000 / ea
Appleton Group's hazardous location cable and cord fitting s provide liquidtight termination and strain relief for neoprene, hypalon and PVC jacketed power and control cables and cords in a choice of materials for strength and corrosion resistance.
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For Flexible Type Neoprene, Hypalon And PVC Jacketed Power Or Control Cord And Cable
Color coded identification label clearly states the catalog number and minimum-maximum cable diameter range for which the connector is designed
Neoprene sealing grommet firmly but safely grips cable jacket providing strain relief while protecting internal wiring connections against external tension on cable or cord
Steel or teflon washer reduces friction between grommet and connector cap providing even pressure distribution, eliminating leakage resulting from grommet distortion
Large aluminum connectors 1-1/2 in thru 4 in and all steel connectors are constructed with hex head cap
For particularly harsh applications, wire mesh strain reliefs may be used with cord and cable connectors
Provide a liquidtight and strain relief termination for flexible type neoprene, hypalon, and PVC jacketed power or control cord and cable
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% or less) aluminum cap, neoprene sealing grommet, steel or Teflon washer
Remove sufficient outer covering of cord or cable to pass conductors through connector body