Appleton® BUB125-M Unilet® NEC 6x Type UB Conduit Body With Assembled Cover, Gasket, 1-1/4 in Hub, Mogul, 40 cu-in, Tri-Coated

Type UB Conduit Fitting Body
548051 MFG #: BUB125M
214.03000 / ea
The NEC 6x8x Series provides ample room for pulling and wiring large, heavy connections. Accurately tapped tapered threads ensure tight, rigid joints and excellent ground continuity.
  • Features
Exclusive built-in rollers facilitate cable pulling
Smooth, rounded integral bushing in each hub protects conductor insulation
Accurately tapped, tapered threads for tight, rigid joints and ground continuity
Covers have captive stainless steel screws to speed installation, prevent "freezing" of screws
Distance between centerline of each hub bushing (conduit stop) exceeds six times the trade diameter of the conduit per NEC 314.28(A)(2)
Bending space requirement these moguls also meet the NEC 314.28(A)(2) Exception requirement spelled out in NEC 312.6(A)
Larger body size facilitates pulling of large and heavy conductors
Specially designed raised cast covers provide additional wiring area
Mogul Unilets® for pulling straight, 45 or 90 deg angle turns and/or making taps and splices.
Neoprene gasket, stainless steel screws
4.63 - 6 in bending radius
Triple Coat (Zinc electro plated Chromate and Epoxy Powder Coated)