Appleton® AEAB6036DS AE Series Non-Fusible Hazardous Location Disconnect Switch, 600 VAC/125/250 VDC, 60 A, 60/15 hp, 3 Poles

Hazardous Location Disconnect Switches
198771 MFG #: AEAB6036DS
4060.52000 / ea
Appleton® explosion proof, dust ignition proof AE series fused and non-fused disconnect switches provide explosion proof protection in areas where hazardous materials are handled or stored. These units are used for overload and short circuit protection, control of lighting and power circuits.
  • Features
Precision machined flame path between box and cover, o-ring gasket ensures watertight integrity
Bolt on stainless steel slotted mounting feet
Stainless steel hinges are standard
Stainless steel, captive Quad-Lead™ cover bolts are standard (disengaged in 1-1/2 turns)
Ground lug package and installation instructions for termination of ground wire enclosed
External operating handle with stops for limiting handle travel
Disconnects operators can be locked in the ON or OFF position (up to 3 padlocks)
External flange maximizes internal space
Standard outlets top and bottom for line and load wiring
Plugged 1/2 in outlets top and bottom for breather and drain
Disconnects mounted on a galvanized steel removable pan
Copperfree (4/10 of 1% maximum) aluminum
Bodies and covers gray epoxy powder coat inside and outside standard to provide NEMA 4X rating
External operating handle with stops for limiting handle travel
Bolted, hinged cover
Hub size 1.5 in, top and bottom hub location
Copper free aluminum material