Appleton® 8363 Square Box Cover, 4 in L x 4 in W x 1/2 in D, Steel

Square Box Covers
18209 MFG #: 8363
238.78000 / ea

The best electricians insist on the best products. Durable materials, consistent construction and easy installation all make a difference in the speed and final quality of any wiring job. That is why the best electricians choose Appleton Group products. Indoors or outdoors, wherever conduit or cable terminates at a switch/outlet box, junction box, lamp holder or fixture, our Appleton and O-Z/Gedney brands are a sign of professional quality.
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Commercial and Industrial Applications
Boxes with concentric or eccentric knockouts are suitable for bonding without any additional bonding means where used in circuits above or below 250 VAC
Unless otherwise noted all concentric or eccentric knockouts are 1/2 - 3/4 in combinations
Single and 2-gang metallic outlet and switch boxes are acceptable for use in two-hour fire rated walls
Groundskeeper raised ground feature on boss inside box provides one or two #10-32 tapped hole, allowing a 3/8 in long green ground screw to be threaded into box without contacting mounting surface
Other boxes provided with flat ground tapped hole except plenum boxes
1/2 in raise for single flush receptacle
4 IN Square, 1/2 IN Raised Cover for One Single Flush Receptacle 1 13/32 IN DIA