Apex® 4910X Power Drive Bit, Imperial, #0 Phillips® Point, 1-15/16 in OAL, Steel

Screwdriver Bit
143853 MFG #: 4910X
3.19000 / ea
Apex® Power Drive Bit, Measurement System: Imperial, #0 Point, Phillips® Point, 1-15/16 in Overall Length, Phillips® Shank, 1/4 in Shank, Steel
  • Features
Power bits are placed directly into the power tool chuck; Reduced diameter bits are ideal for driving screws below the surface of drywall; Apex's premium tool alloys and proprietary heat treat help avoid typical problems such as shattering and premature bit wear
Proprietary steel and heat treat process yields greater strength and longer bit life
Cutting edge machining process results in tighter tolerances and superior product consistency
Better and more consistent fit to fasteners leads to better torque transfer
Power bits are best used with quick-release (QR series) chucks