Aluminum Mechanical Lug, 2 Hole, 1 Barre

Mechanical Terminal Lugs
403556 MFG #: LAMB600-12-3Y
3564.21000 / ea
Panduit offers a broad variety of mechanical lugs, splices, and split bolt connectors suitable for a wide range of electrical terminations using code conductor. Designed to be reusable and installed without special tooling, Pan-Lug Mechanical Connectors provide quality performance, ease of installation, and lowest installed cost.
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Stranded Aluminum or Copper Code Conductor
Made from high strength, extruded aluminum alloy to provide premium electrical and mechanical performance
Wide wire range taking capability minimizes inventory requirements
Inspection window to visually assure full conductor insertion
Plated steel or aluminum set screw provides high strength, durable electrical contact between conductor and connector
Tin plated to inhibit corrosion
Compact design saves space
Tin-plated to inhibit corrosion
Compact design saves space
2 stud of 1/2 in
Use of panduit oxide inhibiting joint compound (CMP-100) is recommended for pad to pad and conductor connections