Allied Machine & Engineering APX™ 95 Series Deep Hole Helical Flute Replaceable Drill Insert Holder, Flanged Shank

Drill Bodies
1014505 MFG #: W9508H-200F
Allied Machine
1965.11000 / ea
Allied's APX drilling system is a modular tool designed for depths beyond the range of a traditional IC drill. The tool uses a fixed series body, with various heads that determine the cutting diameter. Allied's APX delivers the strength and versatility needed for any deep hole drilling application. The APX geometry is designed to increase penetration rates and tool life, providing the lowest cost per hole among deep hole drilling lines. The APX drill is a high performance modular system for large diameter holes and is designed to run at high speeds, maximising the power curves of modern CNC equipment.
  • Features
The APX™ drill uses the GEN3SYS® or T-A® pilot insert to stabilize the tool through the cut and outboard carbide inserts to achieve the final cutting diameter
Allows for higher spindle speeds and taking advantage of the power curve on modern CNC machines for maximum penetration rates on deep holes
A unique X locator (patent pending) on the head to body connection allows for simple assembly and superior strength
15 deg slow helix for improved chip evacuation