Allied Machine 15YT-11-FB Original T-A® Y Series Metric Replaceable Spade Drill Insert, 11 mm Drill, 3/32 in THK, Flat Bottom, CPM-T15

Spade Drill Inserts
PDW~7348778 MFG #: 15YT-11-FB
Allied Machine
43.20000 / ea
Original T-A® is an excellent choice for general purpose use. The design provides fast penetration rates that produce good hole size and finish. Standard geometry combines highly efficient and stable cutting action to minimize power consumption. Recommended for use in most steels, cast irons, high temperature alloys and aluminum alloys. Drill insert systems set the standard for replaceable insert technology, delivering consistent performance and reduced cost per hole, increased productivity and outstanding tool life.
  • Features
Optimizes chip evacuation|Effective heat dispersion|Multiple geometry options|Accurate positioning|Eliminates center drilling|Increases point strength|Through coolant|Corner clips|Self-centering point|Web thin geometry
Primarily used for drilling exotic and high alloy materials, or general use when the M/min surface speed needs to be increased
For use in material hardness up to 350 BHN 121 kg
TiN - General purpose coating
Improved tool life over a non coated insert
Excellent choice for aluminium
Gold/yellow color
Flat Bottom Geometry - First choice for flattening or squaring bottom of pre-existing holes with high rigidity
When used with a stub or short length tool holder the insert may be used to counterbore holes larger than the pilot diameter (in some materials)
Through coolant optimizes chip evacuation and improved tool performance
Corner clip allows for effective heat dispersion and increased tool life
Ground back location ensures accurate positioning
Self-centering point eliminates center drilling
Web thin reduces thrust and increases point strength allowing greater reliability
Eliminates the need for re-sharpening