Acme Electric® TA254537 Industrial Control Transformer, 380/440/550/600 VAC Primary, 115/230 VAC Secondary, 150 VA

Control Transformers
1302068 MFG #: TA254537
Acme Electric
77.02000 / ea
Industrial control transformers are used to reduce supply voltages to 230 V or lower for the operation of electromagnetic devices such as contactors, solenoids, relays, and timers. They are especially designed to accommodate the momentary current inrush caused when electromagnetic componets are energized... without sacrificing secondary voltage stability beyond practical limits. Acme Industrial Control Transformers are dry-type, step-down transformers with the secondary control circuit isolated from the primary line circuit to assure maximum safety. Voltage regulation of Acme Industrial Control Transformers exceeds standards recommended by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Secondary circuit voltage drop between no-load and momentary overload remains exceptionally low. This excellent secondary circuit voltage regulation assures reliable operation of electromagnetic componets and may permit the use of a smaller and less expensive industrial control transformer.
  • Features
150 VA
Constructed with high quality silicon steel lamination to minimize core losses and increase efficiency
Designs incorporate precision wound coils for improved regulation
Primary fuse blocks and secondary fuse kits available and easily adaptable
Series-parallel connecting links save wiring and labor costs
Sturdy phenolic terminal panel protects the coil from foreign objects and mechanical damage
Copper windings on all groups
Wire retention on both primary and secondary terminals
Mounting plate adapts to various mounting dimensions
Voltage regulation exceeds NEMA requirements
Attractive finish, nameplate, and design features enhance the end product
Open coil and core
0.22 x 0.5 in mounting slot
Silicon steel enclosure