Acme Electric® T169435 Hardwired Constant Voltage Regulator, 95/528 VAC, 60 Hz, Single Phase, Wall Mount

Substation & Overhead Voltage Regulators
68606 MFG #: T169435
Acme Electric
5091.04000 / ea
Acme True-Power® products consist of specialty designed ferroresonant transformers. Although ferroresonant transformers have been an economical solution to power problems for manyyears, it took the skills of Acme's highly regarded engineering staff to refine it to meet today's exacting requirements.
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2 kVA
Input range of +10/-20 percent
Effective noise rejection
Encapsulated transformer
Suppressing transient spikes and surges
Rapid response to line and load changes
Inherent overload and short circuit protection
+/- 3% for Line/load changes regulation
Wire lead connection type
120 dB Common, 60 dB Transverse noise attenuation
95 - 132 x 166 - 228 x 192 - 264 x 384 - 528 VAC Primary, 120/208/240 VAC Secondary