• Features
Knurled pin for greater surface contact;Chamfered entry for ease of conductor insertion;Pre-filled with De-Ox® oxide inhibiting compound to prevent oxides from forming;Color coded end cap to identify proper compression die and prevent foreign materials from entering prior to use;Electro-tin plated for corrosion resistance;Supplied with insulating cover to eliminate taping
Manufactured from high strength aluminum alloy provides maximum conductivity and excellent crimping characteristics
Pin is knurled which permits greater surface contact, chamfered barrel which provides easy conductor insertion
Color coded end caps inserted in barrel which prevents foreign materials from entering the connector prior to usage and color code identifies the proper compression die
Pre-filled with DE-OX® prevents oxide from forming
Stranded class B and C concentric, compressed and unidirectional lay compact
Rated for full ampacity of incoming conductor
Clearly marked with conductor size and die index which provides easy identification and tooling recommendation
Marked with number and location of crimps and color coded
All supplied with insulating cover which eliminates taping, temperature range is 90 deg C and ensures reliability for aluminum or copper conductors
Provides easy identification and tooling recommendation
2 in cover length, 2 in approximate pin size, 1.5 in barrel length, white color code, 25/64 in ID x 55/64 in OD