80/20 40-4045-LITE-6M 40mm X 40mm X 45 DEGREE LITE T-SLOTTED EXTRUSION 6M BAR

40mm X 40mm Lite T-Slotted Profile - Two Adjacent Open T-Slots #40-4045-Lite
PDW~6644553 MFG #: 40-4045-LITE-6M
0.00000 / ea
40-4045-LIte is a 40mm x 40mm metric 40 series 45 degree closed back T-slot profile with two open T-slots, one on each of the 40mm profile faces. The profile is smooth, which makes it resistant to dirt and debris buildup while also being easy to clean. The 40-4045-Lite profile is compatible with 40 series fasteners. This profile lends itself to large workstations and displays because panels or other support structures can be easily placed in the T-slots allowing a continuous surface and aesthetic appearance.