80/20 3383 10 S SINGLE TAB END FASTENER W/ 1/4-20 SCREW

Single Tab End Fastener Assembly
522529 MFG #: 3383
1.74000 / ea
The single tab end fastener assembly is comprised of a button head socket cap screw and a single tab wing clip. The single tab end fastener provides a fixed, 90 degree, moderate-strength connection that is completely hidden. The single winged tab is used for radius and angled profiles; the winged tab prevents the mating profile from rotating while the straight end is flush with the mounting profile. This connection method requires two machining services; an end tap on the mounting profile and an access hole in the mating profile in order to reach the screw head. Additional Information: Wing clips are available separately (without the button head socket cap screw) for instances where you want to create your own custom assembly.