Misc To Be Assigned
641180 MFG #: KT48
Steiner Electric
0.00000 / ea
Single row terminal block
  • Features
-A Kulka® Brand
-20 amps
-300 Volts AC/DC, Class B
-150 Volts AC/DC, Class C
-899 series (riveted construction) 150 Volts AC/DC, Class C
-Base, phenolic, 150°C (UL RTI)
-JJ (GDI-30F) material available
-Screws, steel, #6-32 phil-slot
-Terminals, plated brass
-Open back design (Insulator strip required for voltage rating - Reference)
-1-23 poles at 7/16 centers
-Accepts lugs w/max width of .33
-Bare wire range #14-#20 AWG