5KVA 240X480-120 AL

Control Transformers
48960 MFG #: T5000
1171.64000 / ea
The SMT series is economical and compact with traditional open wound varnished coils. Ratings are from 1 kVA through 5 kVA with Class 180 deg C insulation system and 115 deg C rise under full load. SMT transformers provide excellent cost benefits with NEMA regulation characteristics and electrical performance specifications.
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For applications where good voltage regulation and higher power capacities (1000-5000 VA) are required.
Meets or exceeds electrical requirements of NEMA, ANSI, NMTBA and JIC.
Aluminum wound
Electro statically shielded for quality power on sizes 1 kVA and larger
0.500 - 45 kVA units are capsulated with electrical grade silica and epoxy for industrial applications
Harmonic filtering, hardwired, galvanic isolation, noise attenuation 120 dB common mode/60 dB transverse mode
0.44 x 0.69 in slot
240x480, 230x460, 220x440 VAC primary volt
120/115/110 VAC secondary volt