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For use where electrical connections need protection from water and/or dust entrance to the contacts or the wiring compartment.
Not just "watertight"; Waterproof for washdown duty (DurORing Sealing) that eliminates the need for costly "weather boots" or "adapters.
6 single rate device polarizations ensure exact voltage, frequency and phase differentiation
Safety ground makes first, breaks last
Watertight mated or unmated, while many watertight specifications cover mated connections only
DuraV® housing material specially selected for hot or cold and chemical washdown duty
Pin and sleeve design enables higher current flow at cooler temperatures due to large contact circular areas
A longer system life under corrosive environments
Round, self-cleaning, constant pressure pin and sleeve contacts of solid CDA 360 brass for long reliable electrical life
Drop-in assemble interior and easy pressure screw wire termination
DurORing™ sealing system for each pin and sleeve and interior assembly
Superior performance in corrosive environments
Not just watertight - waterproof for washdown duty (DurORing™ sealing) that eliminates the need for costly weather boots or adapters