Lug Compression Connectors
85950 MFG #: YA342LN
18.78000 / ea
BURNDY's compression connectors are designed for reliable and controllable electrical connections. The complete installation is fully inspectable. They are high conductivity copper and operate cooler than the wire on which they are installed. The connectors withstand a wide range of electrical and environmental conditions, including current surges, temperatures, corrosion and vibrations, for a wide variety of applications. These features mean a consistently high quality connection at a low installed cost. Copper compression connectors are manufactured from high-conductivity electrolytic copper. The connectors are normally tinplated, lead-plated, or plated with proprietary BURNDY® brite finish to provide durable long-lasting corrosion resistance. The connector design has been matched to the cable size to provide the necessary physical strength requirements for reliable electrical performance.
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Wire Termination
Features: UL Listed 90 DEG C, 600 V - 35 KV, 45 DEG And 90 DEG Angles Are Available, Finish: Electro-Tin Plated, Temperature Rating: 90 DEG C, Tongue Angle: Straight, Die Index: 20, Wire Strip Length: 1-7/16 IN, Color Code: Brown, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): Mechanical: MD6, OUR840, MD7-34R Tool, W34VT Die, (2), Hydraulic: BCT500HS, Y500CTHS Tool, W34VT, W34RT Die, (2), Y35, Y39, Y750, PAT750 Tool, U34RT, U31ART Die, (2), Y46 Tool, U34RT, U31ART Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (2), Conductor Type: Commercial Stranded Copper, Dieless Tools (number Of Crimps): Y644HS, Y81KFT, Y81KFTMBH, PAT81KFT-18V Tool, (1)
For mechanical: MD6, OUR840, MD7-34R tool, (2) W34VT die, hydraulic: BCT500HS, Y500CTHS tool, (2) W34VT, W34RT die, Y35, Y39, Y750, PAT750 tool, (2) U34RT, U31ART die, Y46 tool, (2) U34RT, U31ART die with PUADP-1 adapter, dieless tools (number of crimps): (1) Y644HS, Y81KFT, Y81KFTMBH, PAT81KFT-18V installation tool
Electro tin plated
500 kcmil stranded conductor size
1-7/16 in L Strip, 1-3/4 in Stud Hole Spacing