4SQBXw/BXLOC 2-1/8DP 1/2-3/4TKO

Square Boxes
68709 MFG #: 238
20.91000 / ea
RACO® is the United States' leading manufacturer of steel electrical boxes and covers. RACO® manufactures and/or sells steel and plastic boxes used at outlets, switch locations and junction points. RACO® also offers a broad line of metallic fittings, including rigid plastic conduit fittings, EMT (thinwall) fittings and liquid tight conduit fittings.
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Cut-out and mounting slots are punched in one operation. Drill only one pilot hole (7/16"). Universal size punches for front or back mount.
Welded construction
Square boxes are used where multiple conductor runs are split into two or more directions to bring power to a number of electrical devices
BOX-LOC (MS) bracket box is a snap to install
TKO knockouts offer greater flexibility with RACO® patented combination 1/2 in and 3/4 in knockout
UBS support - welded to box, preset bend points to work with wall thickness 2-1/2 to 6 in
Suitable for use without a bonding jumper in circuits above or below 250 volts
BOX-LOC type bracket for metal studs
Flush bracket setback
Combination cover screw heads provide for faster mud ring/cover installation
FM bracket mounts flat on side of stud and provides a rigid/secure box installation
Place the bracket on the open side of the stud first
Slots in the bracket engage the lip of the stud and actually crimp it as you press the bracket on the stud, quickly locking it in place