Liquidtight Conduit Connectors
377192 MFG #: ST-45400L
958.40000 / ea
For providing safe electrical service in areas exposed to weather, water, oil, dirt and other contaminants, we offer a full line of connectors, hubs and accessories for use with liquidtight flexible metal conduit. Aluminum, steel, zinc and nonmetallic connectors are available, with a variety of options including straight, 45 deg and 90 deg angle fittings with or without insulated throats, external grounding lugs and stainless steel wire mesh strain relief.
  • Features
Unique long ferrule with more pronounced threads provides over four times UL pull out requirements
Ferrule also provides maximum surface contact for better sealing and a continuous, permanent, positive metal to metal ground
Adequately sized bonded lugs provide excellent grounding continuity and allow for visible ground path inspection
Full, machined tapered threads (NPT)
Chromate/epoxy powder coated/zinc electroplated finish
Threaded x compression connection
Malleable iron with aluminum ferrule
1.25 in L thread
For use with liquidtight flexible metal conduit where an external, visible equipment bonding jumper is desired