4/0 TO 4/0 AL/CU/ACSR SE

Compression Sleeves
233671 MFG #: YSD28R28R
12.96000 / ea
BURNDY® Compression Sleeve, Type YSD-R, Aluminium/Stranded Copper Conductor, 4/0 AWG to 300 kcmil Conductor, Die Code: 840, 4 in Length, Aluminium, Unplated, Pink, 0.91 in OD
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For Combinations Of Copper, Aluminum, ACSR, 6201, 5005 and Compressed Conductors
Features: Aluminum Compression Sleeve With Solid Center Barrier, Designed For Commercial And Heavy Residential Services, Installed With Standard Tooling, Pre-Filled With PENETROX, Joint Compound, And Capped, Die Index: 249 Element A, Conductor Type: Side A And Side B: ACSR, Aluminum, Copper, Aluminum Compact 6201, 5005, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): HYTOOL: MD6 Tool, WK-840 Die, (7), MD7 Tool, W-249 Die, (4), OUR840 Tool, X840 Die, (7), X249 Die, (8), HYPRESS: Y35, Y750 Tool, UK840 Die, (4), Y35, Y750 Tool, U249 Die, (2), Color Code: Pink (Side A And B)
4/0 to 300 kcmil copper stranded (side a and B) cable
4/0 to 300 kcmil aluminum (side a and B) cable
246.9 (7) kcmil ACCC 5005 size (side a and B)
246.9 (7) kcmil ACCC 6201 size (side a and B)
Tools, die set catalog number and (number of crimps) hytool MD6 tool, WK-840 die, (7), MD7 tool, W-249 die, (4), OUR840 tool, X840 die, (7), X249 die, (8), hypress Y35, Y750 tool, UK840 die, (4), Y35, Y750 tool, U249 die, (2)
Aluminum compression sleeve with solid center barrier
Installed with standard tooling
Pre-filled with PENETROX® joint compound, and capped
Side a - 4/0 AWG ACSR, 6201, 5005, 4/0 AWG stranded, 300 kcmil al compact aluminum and copper, side b - 4/0 AWG ACSR, 6201, 5005, 4/0 AWG stranded, 300 kcmil al compact aluminum and copper