3STR 2-H 3/8STUD

Lug Compression Connectors
334396 MFG #: YA3CL2TC38
7.92000 / ea
BURNDY® HYLUG™ terminals, redesigned for terminating copper conductors in a wide variety of electrical connections, including heavy-duty industrial, utility, commercial, and telecommunications applications. The HYLUG™ terminals require simple cable preparation for an easily installed permanent and inspectable cable termination. The terminals are listed by UL (UL STD. 486A) and CSA certified to 600 volts, when applied with the proper tool and die combination. The terminals may be used in applications to 35 KV.
  • Features
Features: UL Listed 90 DEG C, 600 V - 35 KV, 45 DEG And 90 DEG Angles Are Available, Tongue Angle: Straight, Temperature Rating: 90 DEG C, Die Index: 9, Wire Strip Length: 15/16 IN, Finish: Electro-Tin Plated, Color Code: White, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): Mechanical: MD6, OUR840, MD7-34R Tool, W3CRT Die, (1), Hydraulic: BCT500HS, Y500CTHS Tool, W3CRT Die, (1), Y35, Y39, Y750, PAT750 Tool, U3CRT Die, (1), Y46 Tool, U3CRT Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (1), Dieless Tools (number Of Crimps): Y644HS, Y81KFT, Y81KFTMBH, PAT81KFT-18V, MY29-3, MY29-11, MRC840 Tool, (1), Y1MRTC Tool, (2), Conductor Type: Commercial Stranded Copper
Die set catalog number and (number of crimps): mechanical: MD6, OUR840, MD7-34R tool, W3CRT die, (1), hydraulic: BCT500HS, Y500CTHS tool, W3CRT die, (1), Y35, Y39, Y750, PAT750 tool, U3CRT die, (1), Y46 tool, U3CRT die with PUADP-1 adapter, (1), dieless tools (number of crimps): Y644HS, Y81KFT, Y81KFTMBH, PAT81KFT-18V, MY29-3, MY29-11, MRC840 tool, (1), Y1MRTC tool, (2), conductor type: commercial stranded copper
3 AWG stranded, 2 AWG solid conductor