3M™ Scotchrap™ 054007-10646 All Weather Premium Grade Corrosion Protection Tape, 4 in W x 100 ft Roll L, 10 mil THK, Black

Plumbing Insulation Tapes
953390 MFG #: 50-UNPRINTED-4X100FT
66.33000 / ea
3M™ Scotchrap™ Corrosion Protection Tapes 50 and 51 are tough, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) tapes with high-tack adhesives that resist corrosion of metal piping systems above and below ground. Both tapes apply over a wide temperature range and are resistant to impact, abrasion and punctures. Coat the pipe or other metal surfaces with 3M Scotchrap Pipe Primer before wrapping with Scotchrap Tapes 50 or 51.
  • Features
Resistant to impact, abrasions, punctures and tears
Resistant to corrosive salt water, soil acids, alkalis and salts, common chemicals, chemical vapors and exposure to outdoor weathering and sunlight
Tape 50 is highly conformable, all weather 10 mil THK tape designed for application over a wide temperature range
Resistant to impact, abrasion and puncture
Tape with a high tack adhesive
5 year shelf life
10 - 27 deg C storage temperature