3M™ Scotchcode™ 054007-09381 Pre-Printed Self-Adhesive Wire Marker Tape Refill, 0.003 in L x 0.22 in W, 30 - 39, Black/White, Polyester Film

Wire & Component Labels
460659 MFG #: 7000031763
4.62000 / ea
3M ScotchCode Wire Marker Tape Refill Roll SDR is available in ten NEMA colors, individual numbers and consecutive numbers, letters and symbols
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Wire Marking
Marking all types of wire and cable including power, control, fiber optic, electronic, telecommunications and instrumentation
Phase identification on large or small gauge wire or cable
Identification of terminal blocks, terminal strips and wire in panel boards or a piece of switches
3 mil tape
32 to 120 deg F application temperature
-40 to 250 deg F operating temperature
-40 to 250 deg F operating temperature