3M™ Scotchcast™ 054007-02403 85 4-Way Multi-Mold Resin Splice Kit, 0 - 600 V, 7/8 in OD Run/Tap, 1/2 in In-Line Dia Cable, 8 in L Splice

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461729 MFG #: 054007-02403
91.83000 / ea
3M™ Scotchcast™ 85 Series Multi-Mold Resin Splice Kit is specially designed to splice 1kV-rated cables. This versatile splice kit electrically insulates odd-sized and odd-shaped splices in underground applications.
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For Insulating and Waterproofing Odd Sized And Odd Shaped Splices In Underground Applications, Inline Splicing, Plastic Or Rubber Insulated Cables, Direct Burial Applications, Underground Systems Like Secondary Distribution, Plant Grounds, Parking Lots, Airport Runway Lighting, Electric Sparkling Systems, Sheath Repair, Remodel Wiring, Sealing Anode Leads, Joining Of Cable Reel Ends, Cable Failures and Dig-Ins
Versatility designed into each kit accommodates a wide range of cable size
All materials provided to insulate and waterproof one splice, compound has low viscosity for fast, complete filling of splice and low exotherm which will not damage plastic insulated cable
Convenient closed mixing pouch permits clean, easy resin handling
Wrap around polyester film mold contains porous webbing which assures proper insulation spacing around splice and connector
No special tools required
Electrically insulates odd-sized and odd-shaped splices on cables
Pliable plastic molds are formed around splices
Rated for 1 kV cables
10-1/4 in spacer web, 0.85 sealing putty
Accommodates 500 kcmil (run), 4/0 AWG (tap) compression conductor, 250 kcmil (run), 2/0 AWG (tap) split bolt conductor, 750 kcmil inline conductor
3-1/4 in split bolt, 6 in H or C-tap compression max conductor size (height plus width)
6 in max sheath opening length
250 kcmil (run), 2/0 AWG (tap)
444 PSI tensile strength
98% elongation
524 V/mil dielectric strength
250 Kcmil, 2/0 AWG, 500 Kcmil, 4/0 AWG conductor sizes